How to Become a Video Game Tester – 4 Quick Tester Tips

If you want to become a video game tester and get paid to beta test unreleased video games, I believe there are 4 tips which will help you get a games testing job quicker. I have been working as a games tester for a little over 2 years, and following these pointers helped me to become a video game tester.Tip 1 – Understand Games Testing Is A CareerIf you want to become a video game tester, you need to know that it is a career and not just some fun hobby. You will have deadlines like any job and will need to show commitment to your set tasks. Game testers who prove themselves reliable and able to deliver on deadlines get rewarded with more jobs.Tip 2 – Own Many Different Gaming PlatformsThe second tip I would suggest for those who want to become a video game tester, is to own as many gaming platforms as possible. Bottom line is the more gaming platforms you own, the more games you will be able to test. And the more games you can test the more money you will make – period.Tip 3 – Follow InstructionsIf you want to become a video game tester you need to be able to follow strict instructions from your employer – the gaming company. You will always be asked to fill out surveys and make specific notes. You must have legible writing and be able to communicate the bugs/issues you find in the games you test very clearly.Tip 4 – Keep Applying For JobsIf you want to become a video game tester you must keep applying for jobs. There is a reasonable amount of competition so you will not get all the jobs you apply for. Sometimes you may have to knock back a job as you are committed to another, so you want to be sure you always have backup jobs waiting for you.ConclusionFollow the above tips and you will become a video game tester sooner rather than later. You need to be patient and persistent initially, but the hard work will pay off. I have been involved in games testing for a few years, and have built up a solid reputation with gaming companies cause I always finish the games on time and give them good feedback – do the same and you will have no problems.

Computer Video Games

As the video game industry continues to grow in popularity (home consoles), there are still video games being produced and sold for the personal computer and the Macintosh computer. These video games were popular prior to the development of home consoles such as PlayStation, Nintendo, Sega and Xbox. Video games released for the home computer and laptops include genres such as war simulation, cards, sports simulations and puzzles. Some of the most popular war simulation games have been plane simulation games because of the ability to purchase a joystick and actually fly the plane. Another popular genre of simulation games for the home computer and laptop is that of driving simulation games.Computer video games can be purchased at electronic stores, on the Internet, or played for free on gaming websites. They can be downloaded or uploaded, depending on the nature of the game, and can be saved directly to the computer or to a digital card or external hard drive. It all depends on the nature of the game and the preferences of the gamer. Some of the most popular video games for the personal computer have also been released for home console systems like PlayStation or Xbox and vice versa. People can bring their laptop everywhere they go and sometimes they want to bring their video games with them. So, if they like a certain game that they play on their home console, they can purchase that game’s version for their computer.Popular console games that can also be played on the computer include Call of Duty, Madden NFL, The Sims, Star Wars, Halo, MLB Front Office Manager, Brothers in Arms, NHL 09 and many more. When you purchase video games for your computer they do not come with all the accessories needed to play them. Most video games can be played with the click of a mouse and by using a handful of keys on the computer’s keyboard. But, certain games such as Flight Simulator will require the use of a joystick to effectively play the game. The joystick does not come with the game, which means you will have to purchase it separately.There is a downside to playing video games on your computer. If the game is one where you play individual sporting events, advance to different levels, or unlock different items then you will need to save the game’s data or lose your place in the game. This might turn into a problem if you wind up having technical problems with your computer. There will be no problem with saving the game to your computer’s hard drive but if the computer becomes infected with a virus or other harmful item then your game’s data might be in jeopardy. Or, if the game freezes during game play then you might never be able to play that game again unless you reinstall it onto your system. This means that you will lose your data and have to start all over again, which can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have put a ton of time into the game. Do not forget though that these same problems can arise from playing video games on home consoles.

A Video Game Review: Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Adventures

What to say about this video game. I really don’t know what I was expecting when I stepped up to play this Kinect video game title. One thing I was sure of was that it would be different. As it turns out I was not wrong about that at all! Kinect Adventures is a great game. It utilizes body movement and placement via the Kinect sensor to enable you to complete ‘tasks’ and “adventures”. There are a variety of activities that you can partake in and they vary in degrees of activity, but all are guaranteed to make you participate. All together there are 20 overall adventures for the player to complete, and the average person can’t or won’t do that in one sitting! Trust me on this one, it’s a lot more physically demanding than you would expect.The first discussed of the activities included in Kinect Adventures would be “River Rush” (Rafting).It is fun to play solo…. more fun to play with a friend. Did I mention Adventures is 100% 2 player completable.The controls (you) is responsive, there is no lag or unresponsiveness. Perhaps a little sluggish to pick up an intended sharp turn, and then too quick to complete the direction once made. Other than that, (which could just be me) Rush down a raging river on your raft, lean to avoid rocks and hit ramps. Jump to catch serious air, float on, and bounce from cloud to cloud, you name it. And of course it has the ever popular… Collection of coins!! It gets a big thumbs from me for coolness.”Rallyball” Some sort of space age Paddleball type of brick breaking game.You serve the ball to break the bricks, but the ball bounces back.Your job? keep it in play and keep it breaking bricks, til there all gone. Sounds easy right?, flaming return serves and multiball launches don’t make this a walk in the park. Drawbacks, once again I almost felt like I needed to anticipate the movements of the ball and my swings or blocks ahead of a realtime experience. Not a great deal mind you, certainly not enough to dampen any enjoyment I was having. Just enough to make worth mentioning.”Reflex Ridge” Aaargh here’s the real workout! Basically Reflex ridge is a video gamers nightmare. A “gauntlet” of padded bumpers to duck under, jump over, side step and just generally avoid. Add pull bars to increase speed and Coins collection to the equation and you got yourself “Reflex Ridge”. Unlike Rallyball I found that although extreme energy and quick reflex actions were required there did not seem to be any movement or control issues. (Maybe it was just me) Either way,a fine addition to this video game Title.”Space Pop” Kinda smaller and simpler, but no less interesting. Flap your arms to hover in weightless environment. Drop them to your sides to float down. The catch? Just the waves of bubbles that come floating into the room. Yep, you guessed it “float” around, up and down popping bubbles. Seems simplistic and it is, but it’s still there for an added activity. Also once again no control issues at all gameplay ran smooth and flawless. As I Just mentioned possibly a little to “simple” for my tastes. Great for little non violent and active video game for the kids though.”20,000 Leaks” is last on the list, but not least on your activity roster. Have you ever dreamt of being in a glass box under the ocean? Did your dream include sea life poking holes in your glass box threatening to flood you out? Naww I never had that dream myself. I have however played that video game. That’s the idea in this activity, and it is surprisingly fun.Fish,Turtles and other forms of aquatic life swim around poking holes in your box in greater and greater numbers with alarming speed. Use you hands, feet, face… whatever you can to stop the leaks. This portion of the video game works good, No obvious flaws, simple but effective fun for the young ones.Although the Xbox 360 has put some time into this video game and it certainly is entertaining, I don’t see it having the staying power,or the mainstream draw of a conventional “shoot’em up”. To be totally truthful, I’m not sure it was even supposed to do that. It’s more of a Kinect video game showcase for kids. Maybe best described as a “what the system and technology can do” type of game. This is one of those video games you play with the family, with the kids. Hell, pull it out when company is over for guaranteed good times and laughs all around. Ohh did I mention it has a Digital “photo” share option? Share and post online for others to enjoy. MMhmm pics taken of you playing the game! Naturally photos taken of you, in your MOST desperate attempts to complete levels. Another laugh out loud feature, even if its you caught with a mouth open and arms flapping for all the world to see. My final word on the matter, this Kinect video game for the Microsoft’ Xbox 360 is well worth playing!