How to Become a Video Game Tester – 4 Quick Tester Tips

If you want to become a video game tester and get paid to beta test unreleased video games, I believe there are 4 tips which will help you get a games testing job quicker. I have been working as a games tester for a little over 2 years, and following these pointers helped me to become a video game tester.Tip 1 – Understand Games Testing Is A CareerIf you want to become a video game tester, you need to know that it is a career and not just some fun hobby. You will have deadlines like any job and will need to show commitment to your set tasks. Game testers who prove themselves reliable and able to deliver on deadlines get rewarded with more jobs.Tip 2 – Own Many Different Gaming PlatformsThe second tip I would suggest for those who want to become a video game tester, is to own as many gaming platforms as possible. Bottom line is the more gaming platforms you own, the more games you will be able to test. And the more games you can test the more money you will make – period.Tip 3 – Follow InstructionsIf you want to become a video game tester you need to be able to follow strict instructions from your employer – the gaming company. You will always be asked to fill out surveys and make specific notes. You must have legible writing and be able to communicate the bugs/issues you find in the games you test very clearly.Tip 4 – Keep Applying For JobsIf you want to become a video game tester you must keep applying for jobs. There is a reasonable amount of competition so you will not get all the jobs you apply for. Sometimes you may have to knock back a job as you are committed to another, so you want to be sure you always have backup jobs waiting for you.ConclusionFollow the above tips and you will become a video game tester sooner rather than later. You need to be patient and persistent initially, but the hard work will pay off. I have been involved in games testing for a few years, and have built up a solid reputation with gaming companies cause I always finish the games on time and give them good feedback – do the same and you will have no problems.